About Galaxy Roofing

As a leading Roofer’s in Surrey Galaxy Roofing Ltd. is a locally owned and operated, full-service roofing company committed to deliver quality service, repairs and roof replacements. We specialize in all aspects of commercial and residential roofing in Surrey and surrounding areas at budget friendly prices. We understand that top quality roof is the most important part and product of our job. We also understand that other issues are also important like timing of the completion, cleanliness and liability coverage.

Our prompt service, attention to detail, experienced crew and immaculate safety record is what we've built our reputation on and we proudly stand behind our work. Whether you are looking for a simple leak repair or a complete re-roof in Surrey and surrounding area, we have the resources to get the job finished on time and on budget.

We understand that every roof has its own character and challenges like the size, slope, number of existing layers present, condition of under lament construction and others. As a leading Surrey roofing company Galaxy Roofing Ltd. provides inspection and estimate according to your requirements. We never try to sell anything not needed for your roofing project or was not requested by you.

Galaxy Roofing Ltd. is completely prepared to deal all sizes of projects ranging from the largest to the smallest. We always start all roofing projects according to schedule and finish in time frame promised. We guarantee you’ll be pleased with our job. Galaxy Roofing Ltd. is committed to performing the best work possible.

Galaxy Roofing Ltd. is proud to bring all the information you need to make the proper selection. We know it is usually not easy choose the proper contractor and we will provide you our honest guidance and absolutely nothing more. After you evaluate all the information provided. Only remaining for you to choose who you want to hire.